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Muskie Release at Deep Lakes Park

Muskies were released in Lakes Chester, Patricia, Jewell, Violet & Ivy at Deep Lakes Park. The fish were about one foot long at the time of release, but 40 inches is the minimum length limit to keep them. Females reach 40 inches at around 8-10 years of age and males at about 12-14 years.

Lake Jewell Boat Ramp Now Open

The boat ramp at Lake Jewell in Deep Lakes Park is now open. Find out more about Deep Lakes Park»

Summer Nature Camps

Registration for our Summer Nature Camps is now open! There are camps for kids from ages 18 months to 8th grade. Find out more »

Spring Newsletter

The spring issue of the "Conservation News" is now available. You'll find the list of upcoming events as well as other great information. Take a look »

Fishing Maps Available for Deep Lakes Park

Depth maps are available for Deep Lakes Park Find out more »